Firefighter Salaries

(effective 07/01/2021)

Fire Recruit

 Hourly Pay Period* Annually Hours per Week 
Fire Recruit (23 Weeks of Training) $17.83 $1,426.77 $37,096.02 40 Hour Work Week 
Fire Recruit (Post-Training, One Year Probation) $12.74 $1,426.77 $37,096.02 56 Hour Work Week 
Fire Private II – Year 1 $18.19 $2,037.35 $52,971.10 56 Hour Work Week 
Fire Private II – Year $19.50 $2,184.15 $56,787.90 56 Hour Work Week 
Fire Private II – Year 3 (Top) $20.19 $2,195.69 $58,800.56 56 Hour Work Week  

Firefighter Paramedic

 Hourly Pay Period* Annually Hours per Week 
Firefighter Paramedic Probationary (13 Weeks of Training)$26.32 $2,105.57 $54,744.82 40 Hour Work Week 
Firefighter Paramedic Probationary (Post-Training, One Year Probation) $18.80 $2,105.57 $54,744.82 56 Hour Work Week 
Firefighter Paramedic – Year 2 $21.26 $2,380.71 $61,898.46 56 Hour Work Week 
Firefighter Paramedic – Year 3 $22.01 $2,465.08 $64,092.08 56 Hour Work Week 
Firefighter Paramedic Lateral – Year 1 $27.76 $2,220.74 $57,739.24 56 Hour Work Week  
Firefighter Paramedic Lateral – Year 2$29.76$2,380.71$61,898.4656 Hour Work Week

Single Role Paramedic  

Hourly Pay Period*Annually Hours per Week
Paramedic$25.24$2,019.50$52,507.0040 Hour Work Week

Lateral Firefighters

 Hourly Pay Period*Annually Hours per Week
2 Year Lateral Firefighter  (8 Weeks of Training)$19.50 $2,184.15$56,787.90 40 Hour Work Week
2 Year Lateral Firefighter (Post-Training, One Year Probation) $27.30 $2,184.15$56,787.90 56 Hour Work Week

Fire Alarm Operators

 HourlyPay Period* Annually 
Fire Alarm Operator I$26.01$1,442.46 $37,503.96 
 Fire Alarm Operator II (1 – 2 years)$26.01$2,080.89$54,103.14
Fire Alarm Operator II (2 – 3 years)$27.94$2,235.09 $58,112.34 
Fire Alarm Operator III$30.46$2,436.82 $63,357.32
Fire Alarm Operator/Sr.$34.33$2,746.63 $71,412.38 

Additional Pay, Incentives & Professional Development 

Continuing Education

College Incentive Pay

You can earn additional pay by completing college level courses. Firefighters will earn an extra % pay for some semester hours completed and 7.5% pay for a 4 year degree after the initial one year probationary period.

College Tuition Reimbursement

The Memphis Fire Department offers $3000 annually to acquire higher education.

Student Loan Reduction Program (

  • Offers monthly contribution with no lifetime maximum for as long as you are employed with the City of Memphis. 
  • Provides extra student loan payments – by the City each month – helping you save time and money. 
  • The platform, allow employees to see all of their student loans, repayment strategies, financing options, and the positive impact that the loan contributions make toward their financial wellness. 

Employee Incentives

Public Safety Student Loan Debt Forgiveness (PSLF) Program

Firefighters with 10 years of service can eliminate 100% of their outstanding federal student loan debt. 

Relocation Reimbursement Expense for Out-of-Area Applicants (Fire Laterals) 

The Memphis Fire Department will cover the cost, up to $3500, for one-way moving expenses following acceptance of the final job offer. 

Annual Uniform Allotment 

The Memphis Fire Department will provide $450 for the first year after probation and $350 the following years. 

Extra Pay Opportunities

Earn extra money by becoming a better you.

Out of Rank Pay 

The Memphis Fire Department provides our firefighters with the opportunity to earn extra money by working Temporary or Special assignments. Be exposed to new techniques and situations that will make you a better firefighter while earning extra income. This provides a mutually beneficial situation for the city and the firefighter.

Field Training Officer (F.T.O.) Pay for Paramedic Operational Training 

Receive 5% extra pay hourly during training while learning valuable life saving skills.

Employee Benefits Summary

A an employee of the Memphis Fire Department, on the date you are hired, you will become eligible for a wide range of supplemental benefits for both you and your family. Learn more about our current benefits by following the links below.

Health Insurance

  • BCBST (Blue Cross/Blue Shield TN) 
  • BLUE Health Rewards

Life Insurance – Contributory and Voluntary Coverage 

  • The City of Memphis offers a $10,000 death benefit to all regular full-time and $5,000 retired employees at no-cost. 
  • The City of Memphis offers a $250,000 “line of duty” death benefit to firefighters at no-cost. 

Dental Insurance Options (Individual & Family) 

  • BCBST Dental Insurance – City of Memphis plan 
  • Dental Insurance – IAFF Union Plan  

Vision Coverage Options (Individual & Family) 

  • BCBST Vision – City of Memphis Plan

Supplemental Insurance 

  • AFLAC 
  • Colonial

Employee/Retiree Wellness Clinic 

Zero cost medication and medical services offered to all City of Memphis employees, retirees, and their family members who have City of Memphis health benefits. The City of Memphis forged a partnership with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and BMG (Baptist Medical Group) to provide these quality services and to reduce employees’ overall healthcare cost. 

TeleHealth Services 

  • Zero cost service you can connect to with a board certified doctor via secure video chat or phone. 
  • Nurseline 
  • Physician Now 
  • FAQ 

FSA (Flexible Spending Account) / HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) 

  • Healthcare Account – Visa Card 
  • Dependent Care Account 

Long Term and Short Term Disability Plans 

  • Standard Insurance

Plan for Your Retirement

Pension Plan 

The City of Memphis Hybrid Pension Plan is a market based cash balance plan and a 401(a) defined contribution plan, designed as an opportunity to earn more money for retirement. It is a combination of a traditional retirement plan alongside a defined contribution plan.  

Deferred Compensation / 457(b) Plan

  • The deferred compensation plan is a supplemental retirement plan that allows employees to save money on tax-deferred basis. 
  • An optional employee tax deferred retirement savings plan that can voluntarily be added to the Hybrid Pension balance to increase the amount of the guaranteed lifetime monthly annuity the employee will receive. 

You may retire after 25 years of service with the Memphis Fire Department.