Fire Alarm Operator


All candidates MUST meet the following:

      • High school graduate or equivalent
      • must be able to type at least 35 words per minute
      • successfully complete a battery of job-related tests as designated by Human Resources
      • structured panel interview
      • extensive background investigation
      • comprehensive medical examination. 
      • knowledge of the Memphis geographical area preferred
      • training and/or experience working with computers
      • CPR certification preferred

    The Hiring Process

    The hiring process to “Find your Fire” (Fire Alarm Operator) begins after completing the initial online application and consists of multiple steps, including but not limited to physical and academic testing, pre-employment screenings, psychological and medical assessments.

    Complete the online application

    1. Click the “Apply Today” button on our Home page or click here.
    2. Search and select the job posting title “Fire Alarm Operator”
    3. If you meet the minimum requirements as a Fire Recruit and want to serve the Memphis community click “Apply for Job”
    4. Enter your email address and click “Go” (using a valid email address of which you check periodically)
    5. If you do not have an account, enter your first and last name after clicking “Go”, then click “Start Application”
    6. Click “I Accept”, after reading the privacy agreement
    7. Enter your login credential and click “Login”
    8. Complete application
    9. Advance to review, then Submit

    Applicant will immediately receive a confirmation via email – please continue to monitor your email account, days later.

      Application Review/Screening

      Application will be reviewed and if minimum qualifications are met, the applicant will be forwarded to the Talent Management-Testing Team for the scheduling of a Battery of Tests.

      Attend and successfully pass the Battery of tests

      Testing for this portion of the employment process will be conducted at:

      The Memphis Fire Training Academy
      4341 Academy Drive
      Memphis, TN 38127
      • All applicants are required to bring and present a valid driver’s license to be admitted for testing
      • No late admittance
      • Testing Team will compile a list in accordance with test scores
      • List will be distributed to Talent Management -Recruitment Team
      • Panel Interviews will be conducted
      • Testing Team will compile rank- order list in accordance with test scores, interview weights (set by Fire Services)
      • Candidates will be called using a rank- order list based on test scores, interview weights and the number of offers to be made
      • Offers are made as required by Fire Services, when list is exhausted the position will be posted again as deemed necessary by Fire Services

      Accept the contingent job offer

      Contingent Job Offers are given with consideration of the applicant’s ability to successfully complete and pass the
      remaining screenings and assessments.

      Successfully pass the background investigation screening

      The following factors will be acquired and evaluated for employment consideration:

      • Criminal
      • Education
      • Traffic
      • Employment History

      Successfully test and pass a battery of pre-employment screenings and reviews

      Successful candidates to this point will be scheduled for 2 days of further pre-employment

      Medical Assessment

      Testing for MEDICAL portion will be conducted at:

      Concentra Medical (Near Memphis Int’l Airport)
      2831 Airways Blvd, Bldg. A, Suite 102
      Memphis, TN 38132

      Please bring the completed medical forms (sent via email) and present a valid driver’s license to be admitted for testing.

      Receive and Accept the final job offer

      Note: The entire employment process generally takes approximately (4-6) months.

      1. Meet the MFD Communications and Training Staff
      2. Receive 1st day expectations and instructions
      3. Receive Uniform Policy
      4. Final Processing paperwork from HR
      5. Review and sign Fire Alarm Operator Agreement

      Attend Human Resources Orientation

      This informational session will be conducted at:

      Virtual Online Orientation
      4341 Academy Dr.
      Memphis, TN 38127

      Opportunity to sign-up for employee benefits and other offerings.

      Health and Life insurance are 1st day coverage plans.

      Attend Training

      • Twelve (12) week of instructional training and 12 weeks of on-the-job training
      • Must attend a 24-hour training course and pass a written exam to obtain certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher within three (3) months of employment unless already certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.
      • Must maintain certification by attending 24 hours of in-service quality improvement classes and pass a written exam every two (2) years, according to the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) standards, as a condition of continued employment.

      Apply/Contact a Recruiter

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